Eliminating the requirement of sterilization from the legal gender reassignment, legislation to compensate the persons concerned

Carolina Romare/imagebank.sweden.se

In Sweden, sterilization had been required to the people applying for the legal gender reassignment since 1972. The government amended the legislation in 2013 to abolish the requirements of sterilization and unmarried status. Subsequently the campaign by the people concerned and organizations had led the government to produce a bill under which people who were sterilized in connection with a change of gender can apply for compensation from the state. The bill had been enacted in 2018, with the compensation of 225,000 SEK per person.

“Requiring those who wished to change their legal gender to be sterilized was an expression of an outlook that society and the Government today feel is wrong, and condemn. For this reason, we also want those who affected by the requirement to be able to apply for compensation,” said the minister of state responsible for the issue of the time.


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