Learn about LGBTQ Laws
and Legal Protections around the World

Together with the 18 embassies and the Delegation the European Union (EU) in Japan, all Pride House Tokyo sponsors, we have put together this section on gay marriage laws, anti-discrimination laws and laws with pertain to gender identity and transitioning in each country represented. Click on the buttons below for further information.

  • Marriage Equality Laws around the World
  • Anti-discrimination Laws around the World
  • Transgender Laws around the World
  • Marriage Equality Laws  Here you will find information on laws allowing members of the same-sex to marry. While not the same, some nations have implemented partnership laws that provide same-sex couples the same rights as married men and women.
  • Anti-discrimination Laws Here you will find laws prohibiting discrimination and abuse based on gender, ability and race and specific information as to anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation and gender identity among the nations of our supporting foreign diplomatic missions.
  • Transgender Laws  Here you will find laws related to the definition and conditions of a change in gender identity including, in some cases, requirements needed to change their legal identity (in family registers for example).

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