2013 FIL Women's World Cup Japan National Team


Enshu-style Tea Ceremony Practitioner

Until 2021, I was a lacrosse player while also working as a tea ceremony instructor during weekdays. Now, I have retired and shifted my focus to the tea ceremonies, while also learning horseback riding. In a tea room, one enters through a small entrance called 'nijiriguchi.' The significance of this small entrance is that everyone must bow their heads upon entering, and in the past, one could not enter with a sword, so it symbolizes removing one's sword. In other words, the tea room signifies equality, where all titles, ranks, and burdens are stripped away, and individuals face their true selves. I hope not only tea rooms, but also the sports world and Japan as a whole can become a place where each individual is recognized. I would love to organize an Ally Athlete Tea Ceremony event!"