Consortium Member

  • PRIDE HOUSE TOKYO Consortium

    Co-chairs: Yuri Igarashi, Anri Ono, Aya Noguchi

    Secretariat:NPO Pride House Tokyo

  • akta (Specified Nonprofit Organization)(President: Kohta Iwahashi)

    Operating out of “community center akta” in Shinjuku 2-chome—said to be home to the largest conglomeration of gay bars and gay commercial establishments in Asia—akta offers support and services for the gay community, provided from within the gay community. Working from the perspective that we’re already living side-by-side with HIV, akta’s activities, conducted with the cooperation of people living with and affected by HIV, are based on the dual importance of preventative measures and support, and are geared towards both individuals who are at risk of contracting HIV and those who are HIV-positive.

  • S.C.P. Japan

    S.C.P. stands for “Sports for Creating Pathways” and was founded by 3 former women’s soccer players in 2020. We are in pursuit of the potential for sports to “create a future where each individual can be themselves”. While sports may not be an essential life skill, we believe sports can help find the important skills to create and nurture the mind, comradery and the environment. We develop training programs on sports and gender sexuality as well as programs for learning moral value and understanding of diversity through sports.

  • ETIC. (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President: Haruo Miyagi)

    A specified Nonprofit Organization, began in 1993 as a nationwide network organization of student entrepreneurs. It has the aim of investing in the growth of entrepreneur-minded leaders who lobby for social change and create value with their actions. Its activities have since spread across Japan. Using the networks and knowledge it has cultivated through its work, it is working to promote human resources training that encourages the development of personnel interested in creating social value, as well as to promote open innovation. Since 2016, it has also handled management of “Social Impact for 2020 and Beyond”, a platform for registering and promoting future-oriented activities and movements.

  • Colorful Change Lab (Specified Nonprofit Organization)(President: Nobuhisa Miura)

    Taking up the mantle of “Let’s Hold a Rainbow Parade in Fukuoka!”, a movement started by a Fukuoka University student volunteer in 2014, the Kyushu Rainbow Pride was launched in 2015, and has since grown into an event which has seen its number of attendees exceed 7000. It bases its activities around three projects such as “MarriageRings4LGBT¬¬––Weddings for Everyone Project”, which supports weddings as the embodiment of a joyful step forward in one’s life, and “Living LGBT––Housing Project”.

  • Good Aging Yells (Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation) (President: Gon Matsunaka)

    Founded in 2010. Focusing on upholding the concept of “together with LGBT people and diversity” through the creation of more inclusive spaces, it has been involved in a variety of projects, such as: “Colorful Café”, a collaboration with a beach house; “work with Pride”, a workplace conference; the production of an index rating efforts towards LGBT inclusivity, a first for Japan; “Colorful House”, a sharehouse; and the “Out in Japan” project, which aims to assemble portrait photographs of 10,000 LGBT individuals by 2020. It is also responsible for the supervision of LGBT study groups and the creation of leaflets promoting diversity within the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee.

  • Greenbird (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President: Keisuke Fukuda)

    Greenbird first started in Harajuku and Omotesando, Tokyo in 2002 as a volunteer network to pick up trash off the streets. Our motto is“Clean streets make clean hearts”has helped bring together a diverse group of people including local residents, workers, and students of all ages and irrespective of gender. Currently we expanded our network to over 90 different teams in Japan and overseas and involving some 30,000 participants. We collaborate with sporting, music, entertainment, and SDG events alongside local administrations, shopping and town associations, to create new forms of community building exercises and potentials.

  • Thousandbooks PRIDE series (Head: Kazutaka Koga)

    Thousandbooks PRIDE series is a series of translated LGBT themed books from around the world. We have published in Japanese a variety of books from the romantic novel“El fuego en el que ardo”written by popular Spanish blogger Mike Lightwood and based on the voices of the LGBT youth, to the childrens book about two moms living with their child in “In our Mothers’ House”written by Patricia Pollaco, and also the“Gay & Lesbian History for Kids: The Century-Long Struggle for LGBT Rights”which explains the history of LGBT rights over the last century. In 2020, we plan to publish the beautifully illustrated children’s book“Julián Is a Mermaid”about a boy who dreams to become a mermaid and “The Miseducation of Cameron Post”, a story about lesbian girl surviving a gay-conversion camp.

  • GEWEL (Specified Nonprofit Organization)(President: Miyoko Kojima)

    Founded in 2003, it works to uphold the vision of working towards a society in which diversity is encouraged and everyone is able to be themselves, and where people can grow together whilst making the most of their differences. Its organization mission likewise consists of spreading a message of diversity and inclusion (D&I), creating spaces to deepen understanding, and contributing to social initiatives which everyone can take part in. Viewing “public awareness”, “investigative research”, and “sharing one’s experiences” as the pillars of its operations, it aims to create opportunities that encourage people to think of “diversity and inclusion” as something that applies to everyone. Since 2015, it has also been putting effort into its “sports x D&I” initiative.

  • Sports & Life Promotion Foundation (Incorporated Foundation) (President: Toshiya Takeda)

    Founded with the goal of contributing to people’s physical and mental health worldwide through sports and health-related enterprises in May, 2012. Its current representative director is Toshiya Takeda. Its activities include planning and managing events that are geared towards promoting good health and nurturing the mind through sports, such as citizen participatory basketball tournaments held in publicly-managed sports halls around the Tokyo metropolitan area, and Christmas Charity Run, a running event that brings together citizen runners and children from disaster areas. It also conducts various surveys in the sports/healthcare fields, and publishes the results.

  • Dokusho Salon (Head:Aoi Yasuda)

    We are an association supporting all forms of novels where sexual minorities, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or other , are featured. We have been hosting monthly book reading sessions since 2013, and have also organized the “Tokyo Rainbow Pride selections of one hundred books to get to know the LGBT community” during Tokyo Pride week at the Kinokuniya Shinjuku bookstore.

  • Nijiiro Kazoku (Private Organization) (President: Haru Ono)

    Started operations in 2010. Based on the concept of “gradually connecting LGBT individuals involved in raising children with those around them”, it continues to help bring together both LGBT families raising children and those dwelling on family-related topics, along with working to spread information on LGBT families. It manages the “Parent and Child Rest Area” every year at Tokyo Rainbow Pride, and also arranges social gatherings such as LGBT family picnics and study meetings for LGBT families on the topic of engagement with schools.

  • Nijiiro Diversity (Specially-Approved NPO) (President: Maki Muraki)

    Founded in 2013, it works to create workplaces where LGBT individuals can feel at ease whilst working, as well as a society where they can live without concern. It gathers data with important bearing on societal topics in collaboration with academic institutions, and then uses that data to hold lectures and educational training for organizations such as large-scale corporations, government bodies, and universities. Surveys it has conducted include: “Survey of LGBT Issues in the Workplace Environment (in collaboration with the Center for Gender Studies (CGS) at the International Christian University)”, “Attitude Survey on Use of Public Toilets Among Sexual Minorities (LIXIL)”, “Survey Tracking Individuals Who Use the Partnership System in Shibuya (Shibuya City, etc.)”, “Survey Concerning Efforts to Increase Allies (JT)”. Other publications include the “LGBT Workplace Handbook” and the “Handbook for Transgender Individuals in the Workplace Environment”.

  • Japanese Network of People living with HIV(JaNP+) (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President: Takaku Yousuke)

    JaNP+ is an organization working towards a society where HIV-positive individuals (individuals who are aware that they have contracted HIV) are able to live without any social disadvantages, including not having to hide their diagnosis and being able to live a self-sufficient life. Through events such as social gatherings, it works to create a network between affected individuals, along with distributing information written from their points of view, such as research, information magazines, and internet-based information. It also holds lectures and participates in government planning as part of its advocacy activities, which are grounded in the experiences of HIV-positive people. Founded in 2002, it continues to be an organization that is both focused on HIV-positive people and is also made up of individuals affected by HIV.

  • Heartschools (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (Vice director:Ryouko Kobayashi)

    Heartschools was set up so everyone could learn more about the LGBT community. Moreover, it aimed to show to those that worried all alone that they may be LGBT, that they were not alone and there were many people like them in the world. We collected messages from more senior LGBT and adults already active in society for them, so they can get hints at not just how to deal with their sexuality, but also hints at how to solve many other worries they may have.
    Our motto「You’re going to be alright! Let’s put our minds and hearts together!”serves as a bridge to communicate with the younger LGBT generation and create a wider network, where schools, administrators, companies and the local community can work together to educate the minds and the hearts.

  • Proud Futures(Co-directors: Akané Kousaka and Anri Ono)

    Proud Futures was founded in 2020 by co-directors Akané Kousaka working in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, and Anri Ono working in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan, who brought together their skills and experiences in supporting LGBTQ+ children and youth. Our vision is a society in which LGBTQ+ children and youth live their lives feeling secure, confident, and liberated. To achieve this vision, we have begun working on creating a better present and future for LGBTQ+ children and youth by building and sharing resources with them, and their supportive adults. Our areas of expertise include mental health support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ children and youth, and LGBTQ+ inclusive education in the Japanese school system.

  • Fruits in Suits Tokyo (FinS Tokyo)(Head:Loren Fykes)

    Fruits in Suits Tokyo (FINS Tokyo) is a social networking organization for LGBTQ+ professional men and women in business, education, the arts and other fields. Our group serves as a nexus between our own members and other LGBTQ+ organizations working to realize and secure the equality and civil liberties of both Japanese and resident LGBTQ+ individuals in Japan. Our mission is to inform our community of these domestic efforts through regularly scheduled speaker events and communications; unite with LGBTQ+ organizations through a variety of financial and strategic initiatives; and support them to effect change in our communities and society. In 2019 we set up Japan’s first LGBTQ+Chamber of Commerce called ‘Pride Business Alliance”. We aim to support promote and improve LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ and allied individuals along with small and mid-sized companies with a variety of services including management consultations, mutual aid schemes, and the introduction of job card systems to help solve the labour shortage issue, corporate exchanges, and global business outreaches.

  • PLACE TOKYO (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President: Yuzuru Ikushima)

    An NPO that works to create an environment where people with HIV/AIDs are able to live as themselves. It offers both phone and in-person consultation for HIV-positive individuals and those around them, phone consultations for those worried they might have contracted HIV, and group events and meetings geared towards HIV positive individuals, as well as providing online information on preventative measures and HIV testing. It also runs the “Living Together (we already live side-by-side with you)” campaign, in which those affected by HIV can actively participate. Since last year, it has also participated in the “U=U (Undetectable = Untransmissible)” global campaign.

  • Mushimeganenokai (Private Organization) (President: Shigeyoshi Suzuki)

    Inaugurated in 2009. Having begun as a study group for junior professors, it was relaunched in 2016 as “Mushimegane no Kai”, an association for considering the intersection of LGBT topics and education. Based on the concept of “Taking a look at children’s hearts; taking a look at education”, it offers education about gender diversity, and works together with participants to deepen their understanding of LGBT topics. Recently, it has opened its doors to people not involved in education, welcoming individuals with diverse life stories into its ranks with the aim of becoming a place based on the concept of “Gather, Learn, Make Connections”. The president, Shigeyoshi Suzuki, is an openly gay and is an elementary school teacher.

  • Rebit (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President: Mika Yakushi)

    With the aim of creating a society where all children, including LGBT children, are able to grow up as themselves, its activities are focused on university students and people in their twenties. It conducts research into LGBT topics and produces material geared towards students and educators, and encourages the spread of understanding in places of education. It also offers support for job hunters and training for companies on LGBT topics as part of its activities focusing on job-hunting for LGBT individuals, and “Rainbow Crossing Tokyo”, a conference on the topic of how LGBT individuals might be allowed to work as themselves, has been attended by a total of 1300 people over the course of two years. With the fostering of young leaders in mind, its activities also include management of events such as “LGBT coming of age ceremonies” in 16 areas across Japan, and the development of an LGBT leader program.

  • Rainbow Community coLLabo (Head:Hiromi Hatogai)

    coLLabo aims to create ‘a society where lesbians and diverse women can live care free’and was first set up in 2009 as a volunteer association before becoming in 2011 a non-profit organization. We started out by catering to the community via study and exchange group as well as provide consultations, while also providing the wider society with educative tools to raise awareness and inform. These days we have been tapping in to the community needs and working on social resource development. Currently, we collaborate with experienced gynecology clinic, among others in different fields, to provide lesbians and women of diverse sexuality (L+) with the tools to create a more livable society.

  • Rainbow Soup (Specified Nonprofit Organization) (President :Yuri Igarashi)

    Rainbow Soup was established in 2012 with a goal to create a diverse and inclusive society, while hoping to raise awareness of SOGIE/LGBT issues as we expand our circle of support. Recognized as an NPO in 2015, we promote dialogue through activities such training for companies, municipalities, and schools, “LGBT consultation skill improvement courses“ for people working on interpersonal support, and hosting the Fukuoka Rainbow Film Festival for the general public. Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 we are also working with the Fukuoka Prefecture in the creation of the “Hospitality Rainbow Guidebook” while also actively pursuing cooperation with diverse other sectors.

  • Rainbow Reel Tokyo (Specified Nonprofit Organization)(President: Hideki Miyazawa)

    Rainbow Reel Tokyo is a film festival focused on the screening of films that deal with the topic of sexual minorities. Having begun in 1992 as the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, it hopes to create a more diverse and open society through screening both films that deal with gay and lesbian themes and films that feature various sexual minorities. It also aims to contribute to the creation of a film culture by showcasing both domestic and international works dealing with themes of sexual minorities, due to works with those themes having little opportunity to be screened theatrically.

  • University Diversity Alliance (Head: Hiroya Igarashi)

    University Diversity Alliance is a network project whose aims are that by helping LGBT and other sexual minorities students every university becomes a place where all students and teachers can reach their full potential. It is also a volunteer network that began in 2018 between universities, starting with Tsukuba University, in order to coordinate support for LGBT/SOGI matters. We aim to officially launch our organization properly in 2019 and expand and consolidate our network as we build up and communicate with more universities, companies, organizations, and individuals.

  • Tokolo Asao (Artist)

    Having studied architecture from a young age, he subsequently went on to study under Shin Egashira. He began to theme his work around the concept of “bringing people together” in September 11st, 2001, and continues to work in the interdisciplinary fields of art, architecture, design.
    He creates patterns based on simple geometric principles, with designs that are easy to replicate with a compass or ruler, and then goes on to apply the same geometrical principles to the design and production of three-dimensional objects.
    Notable works include: the facade glass pattern on the lower story of the Dai Nagoya Building, the emblem for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, and an open-air sculpture for the Otemachi Park Building.

  • Shinya Yamagata

    Yamagata is a freelance editor and writer with years of prior experience in the publishing industry. He began his work in the community volunteering in HIV prevention awareness activities around the year 2000. He helped run Tokyo's Pride parades since 2002 and was one of the founding members of Tokyo Rainbow Pride in May 2011. Head of the TRP since September 2012, he became co-president in August 2015. He retired from TRP in September 2019 and is now an advising director.

  • Michihiro Inoue

  • Shuhei Taguchi

  • Kohei Nomura


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